A late 19th century house, its outbuildings and almost 3 ha of parklands
in a village midway between Bordeaux and Angoulême
Libourne, CHARENTE-MARITIME poitou-charentes 33500 FR


This property is in the west of France, in an undulating region predominantly composed of maritime pine tree forests as well as vines, meadows and fields. It stands in a large market town in the south of the Charente-Maritime, with all shops within walking distance. It is 50 minutes from Bordeaux and Angoulême via the N10. The south Atlantic climate is not only influenced by the ocean, but also by the proximity of the river Gironde.


The roof of the main house can be glimpsed from the road, running from north to south along the west side of the property. The visitor’s eye is drawn southwards by the tall trees in the parklands as well as by the main vehicle and pedestrian entrances, flanked by large, tall, sculpted stone pillars.
Said entrances provide access to the main house, topped with a multi-sloped roof, on the west side of the plot, whilst the east side of the estate is taken up by a large meadow, stretching as far as a screen of trees and enclosed on the north side by a high conifer hedge. Following on from the main house is a little house, with two windows looking out on to the pavement, and a second access gateway on the left-hand side of the gable of another large outbuilding to the north.

The house

Facing north-south, this house spans two levels, with a garden level opening out on the east side. There, it is covered by a north-south-facing, half-hip roof, with overhanging eaves, whilst two hipped roof sections on the north-west side rival one another for the highest slope. However, they are all outdone in height by the pavilion roof on the square tower. With its little, west-facing terrace, featuring terracotta brick railings, the latter roof tops a little room with canted corners, protruding from the ground floor.
The south side of the central section features three Jacobin-style dormers, with cut-out lambrequins. The roofs are enhanced with terracotta finials. The upper level of the square tower is composed of red brick. Dressed stone has been used for the corners and the surrounds framing the windows which are embellished with brick arches. The top of the walls under the roof is decorated with a string course, formed of wooden crossbars, reminiscent of Norman half-timbering, just like the second level under the overhanging eaves of the half-hipped section on the south side. On this same side, the main entrance can be reached via the two straight, short flights of steps. Single and geminated windows alternate on the right-hand side of this door. A back entrance is to be found on the north side, near to the outbuildings.

Ground floor
The main entrance hall, with its Gironde stone floor tiles, opens into a corridor, with a stairway at the end behind an arcade. A door, on the left, reveals a little living room, laid out in the square tower, the west-facing projection, featuring three windows. The room is enhanced with a Louis XVI style, white marble fireplace. A second door in front of the stairway, on the same side, leads to another larger living room which communicates with the first via a large door, with a glazed fanlight, finely decorated with woodwork. Both these rooms have herringbone pattern, oak wood parquet flooring and ceilings decorated with cornices and roses. Wooden surrounds frame the windows. Both rooms are in need of painting. Another door in the second provides access, behind the stairway, to the back entrance and to the kitchen on the north side. The half-turning stairway has a landing, illuminated via a window, and burr elm steps. Behind, it is possible to reach the back entrance and, in front on the right-hand side, a hall area, illuminated via a large atrium, leads to the other rooms. The kitchen, with its glazed floor tiles laid in a chessboard pattern, has a stone fireplace, typical of the region. The ceiling and its exposed joists are painted white. A door leads from there to the hall area giving access to the stairway on the right. Straight on, a room, with its marble fireplace, is enhanced with a ceiling cornice and laid out as a lounge which is illuminated via geminated, south-facing windows. Then, on the same side, comes a bright bathroom. Opposite, a separate toilet, with its little wash-hand basin, is in a corridor room, with old floor tiles. At the end of the hall area, the right-hand door opens into a vast bedroom in the south-east corner of the house, with its white marble fireplace and its pale blue walls, illuminated by two geminated, small-paned windows. The left-hand door opens into another living room, with its marble fireplace, illuminated via geminated, east-facing windows. The latter two rooms are linked via a dressing room. Strip pattern parquet flooring, bearing the patina of time, is laid throughout this level, unless otherwise mentioned.
First floor
The landing gives access to a bedroom, on the right-hand side, and a corridor on the left-hand side. Parquet flooring is laid throughout this level. On the right-hand side, in the south-west corner, is a bedroom, with its marble fireplace, its south-facing balcony, with a view over the parklands, and its west-facing terrace looking down on the street. Next to it is a shower room, with a dormer window. The corridor provides access, right, on the south side, to two bedrooms, each with their own water supply point. They are illuminated by the other two Jacobin-style dormers. The first door on the left opens usefully on to the atrium, illuminating the ground floor corridor. The second opens into a separate toilet. At the end of the corridor, a vast games room, with its exposed roofing framework, is laid out under the roof and illuminated via two windows set in the north gable. Following on, a door leads to a bedroom, with its water supply point and is south-facing window.
Garden level
A stairway goes down from the back entrance hall to a corridor providing access to a storage room, a boiler room, a wine cellar and two rooms, with windows, on either side. The one on the left has been converted into a kitchen and that on the right into a dining room, with its fireplace. This level also has an opening on to the garden on the east side.

The outbuilding

Some 20 m to the north of the main house, this rectangular, 2-storey building is topped with a gable roof featuring two gable-fronted dormers. Dressed stone has been used for the corners and the surrounds framing the openings. Reminiscent of the main building, the surrounds of the two bays are composed of red brick arches. Above a large cellar, on the west side, the three-bedroom dwelling can be reached by climbing a few steps. On the first level, a living room, enhanced with a stone fireplace, has access to the garden on the north side via a French window. A bedroom and a kitchen are also laid out on this level, where ceilings are almost 3 m high. A wooden stairway gives access upstairs to the other two bedrooms and a shower room. This outbuilding spans a surface area of approx. 100 m².

The little house

Topped with a hip roof, this house forms a contrasting link courtesy of its small size between the main house and the outbuilding. All three buildings create a courtyard, open on the east side. This little building houses, on one side a room which, once used for making jam, is currently used for storage purposes; on the other side, are a laundry room, with its stone fireplace, and an indoor well.

The parklands and the meadow

This property is enclosed, on the north side, by a tall conifer hedge and, on the east side, by a screen of trees bordering the perimeter of the meadow, where a small lake, concealed by vegetation, is used as a haven by deer. The parklands, spanning approx. 1 ha, protect the house on the south, east and north sides as far as a few cherry trees and the outbuilding. On the road side, hornbeam, lilac and other perennial shrubs isolate the premises. On the east side of the house, a still-flowing spring was once used for watering a vegetable garden. The perimeter of the house is composed of laurel, hydrangea and other trimmed shrubs. The esplanade laid to lawn on the south side ends in cypress trees, giving way to some immense cedar trees as well as numerous fir, walnut and ash trees. And lastly, a large number of apple trees also surround an old, currently overgrown tennis court.

Our opinion

The building, with its maze-like, decorated roofs, the little house and the outbuilding, with its many different openings, as well as 3 ha of meadows, including a lake, create a sort of architectural symphony, with miscellaneous, harmonious influences. Here, a touch of Anglo-Norman, there some local ones from the Charente, further on, some are almost Tuscan and at the end the inspiration is Mediterranean. This property is, without doubt, one of those that promise the warmth of a hearth, where residents feel at home, together with the elegance and character of a house from yesteryear.
A tennis court is also waiting to be rediscovered as it is pretty well concealed by vegetation, just like the spring that was once used for watering the vegetable garden. Then there is the lake, it too hidden amidst the greenery, where new owners will have free rein to imagine a development that will not perturb the ever-present deer. The main attraction of this property is that it appears to be in a somewhat sleepy state, guaranteeing an authenticity full of charm.

583 000 € Negotiation fees included
550 000 € Fees excluded
6% TTC at the expense of the purchaser

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Reference 740746

Land registry surface area 2 ha 94 a 41 ca
Main building surface area 365 m2
Number of bedrooms 6
Outbuilding surface area 100 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Ariel Dormeau +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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