A 19th century, large luxurious home, preceded by its 15th century gatehouse,
in almost 3 ha of parklands and woods, 15 minutes from Brittany’s Coast of Legends
Brest, FINISTERE brittany 29200 FR


This property, in the Léon region of the French department of Finistère, is 3 km from a town with a wealth of historic heritage and 15 minutes from the coast. Brest and Morlaix TGV train stations are 35 minutes away. It takes but 20 minutes to reach Brest airport with its many destinations. Sixth form colleges and other infrastructures are less than 5 km away.


At the end of a little country lane, it is possible to glimpse a gatehouse, preceded by a tree-lined driveway. It is surrounded by woods. On either side, perimeter walls enclose the buildings and encircle the courtyard, with the large, luxurious home in its centre. The facade features two semi-circular and triangular arched openings, topped with ogee arches, sculpted in the dressed stone. One is a carriage gateway, the other is for pedestrians. Furthermore, an entrance intended for cars and closed with wooden gates, has been added at the end of the dwelling.

The gatehouse

This dwelling forms the vestiges of a landed estate, the central building of which was destroyed by fire during the French Revolution. The large, luxurious home was built to replace the manor house in 1850. This gatehouse is a rare, old building. Many constructions of this type have disappeared over the years. Constructed from granite stone blocks, its two-storey walls protect a section of the garden, surrounded by parklands. Under a gable, slate roof, the facade features an opening, leading towards the main house, and numerous windows. A carriage gateway and a pedestrian gate, topped with a bull’s eye window, open into a porchway and lead to the garden. They are flanked by loop-holes, providing a glimpse of its original defensive function.
At each end of the manor house are two towers: one set back towards the garden, with a spiral stairway, whilst the second was once a dovecote, remaining proof of the old landed estate. On one side, an old, small dwelling, originally a guardhouse, adjoins the stairway tower.
The floor of the main dwelling is made of granite stone blocks. The walls feature arched openings, with dressed granite stone surrounds. The dwelling comprises two adjoining rooms, topped with an attic. At its end, an old shed, opening on to the garden, is used as a garage.
The gatehouse spans a surface area of approx. 85 m².

The large, luxurious home

This house, in the centre of its fully-enclosed parklands, stands facing the gatehouse. Characteristic of 19th century, large, luxurious homes, it comprises a central, rectangular building, adjoined by a square pavilion. Both two-storey buildings are constructed from rendered stone. Their slate roofs feature roof dormers. Large, symmetrically aligned windows let in copious amounts of light. A central entrance door is set in the garden facade.

Ground floor
The vestibule provides access, on one side, to a large room, featuring a window and a French window facing one another and, on the other side, to a lounge, with strip pattern, oak wood parquet flooring and a wooden fireplace. It, too, is illuminated via a wide window and a French window. A wooden stairway, set in the centre of the vestibule, goes to the two upper floors. It conceals a door providing access to the cellar. A door facing the entrance door opens into the garden behind the house. Following on from the lounge, a door opens into the square pavilion, composed of utility rooms. In the kitchen, a large window looks out over the gatehouse and a French window opens on to the garden. The kitchen fireplace, housing a wood-burning stove, and its lintel are made of dressed granite stone. This kitchen precedes a back kitchen, a shower room and a toilet.
First floor
A landing provides access, on one side, to two bedrooms, one looking out over the dwelling and the other on to the back garden. They intercommunicate with one another via a door. A room with a window, facing the stairway, has a wash-hand basin. On the other side, a corridor leads to three bedrooms, two of which are laid out in the wing. The landing provides access to a last bedroom, overlooking the garden and the dwelling. Every room is illuminated via large windows, protected by wrought iron railings. Some of the bedrooms have fireplaces.
Second floor
The layout of the rooms on this level is almost the same as that on the first floor. On one side, two bedrooms have slightly sloping ceilings. Opposite, a small room. On the other side, a large attic is illuminated via two roof dormers, facing one another and looking out over the garden. The floors are covered with parquet flooring.

The ruins

Following on from the gatehouse are the remaining walls of an old house and a fireplace, similarly the vestiges of old stables. This building could be rebuilt and renovated.
The old house spans a surface area of approx. 29 m².
The surface area of the old stables is approx. 26 m².

The enclosed garden and the woods

The wall of the old gatehouse continues all around the large, luxurious home, enclosing it and the garden. Grassy areas on each side of the main house are enhanced with beds filled with shrubs, hydrangeas, trees and hedges, providing several living areas within the perimeter walls. Discreetly concealed by the vegetation, two doors set in the wall lead to the outside and the woods. Composed of numerous species of trees, they surround two sides of the property’s perimeter wall and gently slope down towards the river where an old fountain remains.

Our opinion

Two buildings, two construction eras, two projects exist on this estate. The first will appeal to a family, with the renovation of the large, luxurious house, steeped in potential. The second, a historic and architectural project, involves the gatehouse. Bearing witness to the past, this building still has a large number of features specific to its construction era: sculpted, gothic style doorways, loop-holes, a porchway, a tower and a dovecote. All these architectural features make this property rare and exceptional. The natural surroundings have been preserved. These premises are ideal for a discerning project.

360 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 880792

Land registry surface area 2 ha 65 a 9 ca
Main building surface area 343 m2
Outbuilding surface area 85 m2
Number of bedrooms 8

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Sabine de Kermenguy +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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