An estate with its converted mill, its large, luxurious home and its outbuildings,
near to Coulommiers in the Brie region just a stone’s throw from Paris
Jouy-sur-Morin, SEINE-ET-MARNE ile-de-france 77320 FR


Some 70 km from the French capital, 12 km from Coulommiers (hourly train service to Paris, hospital), 6 km from La-Ferté-Gaucher. All shops, schools, doctors and amenities are available. Possible activities include rail-cycling and the Aérosphalte, a mechanical leisure centre. 4 km from Jouy-sur-Morin, a much-appreciated, picturesque village also with all amenities.
This estate is in the midst of the country on the riverside.


A classified river crosses the estate, dividing it into two sections. Downstream, parklands and a meadow are bordered by a road; upstream are an orchard (apple, pear, cherry, walnut, etc.), landscape parklands, a small wood and a meadow looking down on to the estate. A 2-ha section of building land is laid out upstream from the river, there where the land looks down on to the water. Most of the buildings are grouped near the landscape parklands. A main driveway leads from the road over a bridge crossing the river to the estate. Wrought iron gates open into a main courtyard with, initially, the mill and a small house. Standing diagonally next to the mill is the large, luxurious home, with an open construction further up. In all, the estate comprises eight buildings. They are divided into three main units, each with its own heating system, water and electricity meters and sanitation system.
In the landscape parklands:
1) - The mill.
- A small outbuilding adjoining the mill.
- A little house.
2) - The large, luxurious home.
- A garage/boiler room adjoining the house.
- The “summer palace” (an open construction upstream from the large, luxurious home).
Within the boundaries of the upper meadow:
3) - The gatekeeper’s house.
- A barn awaiting renovation.
A well.
Some two hectares are classified as building land (not therefore liable to flooding) which is pure luxury for a mill.

The large, luxurious home

This house spans two levels under a converted attic floor. The building is constructed from millstone grit and the roofs, featuring pediment roof dormers, are covered with small, local, flat tiles. The building no doubt dates from before the 18th century, just like the mill. A garage and a boiler room adjoin the house, but do not communicate with it.

Ground floor
An entrance hall, paved with Burgundy stone, opens into a vast living room with a very high ridge. This very bright room, with a closed-hearth fire, has openings in three of its walls, including three double French windows. One of the openings looks out over the river Grand-Morin. A mezzanine looks down into the room. An open kitchen shares the space with an eating area, a lounge and the entrance hall. A corridor provides access, on one side, to a bedroom, with a French window and, on the other, to a bathroom, with a bath, a shower and a toilet, two shower rooms, a guest toilet, with a wash-hand basin, a study and a laundry room, with a French window. A garage-workshop and a boiler room adjoin the house, but do not communicate with it.
First floor
The landing, a mezzanine room illuminated on three sides as well as via roof dormers, has a view looking down into the living room. A corridor provides access to four bedrooms, one of which also opens on to the mezzanine. Another through bedroom is very spacious. Bathroom and toilet facilities comprise two shower rooms, including one with two wash-hand basins, and a separate toilet, with a wash-hand basin.
The third level only spans a section laid out above the bedrooms. It consists of a converted attic, reached via a Japanese-style stairway.

Garage-boiler room

The “summer palace”

This wonderful wooden construction is both open and spacious.
The outbuilding is laid out slightly above the house to which is adjoined.
It comprises a single level, spanning approx. 225 m².

The mill

A key feature of these premises, this building spans three levels. Its white walls are enhanced with green shutters. Its roof is covered with local flat tiles. With its micro waste-water treatment plant designed for 130 people, its 16 bedrooms, its reception rooms and its polyvalent rooms, this mill is clearly designed for a hotel and catering project. A small, 2-storey outbuilding adjoins the mill, but does not communicate with it.
Boiler room-workshop below and attic space.

Ground floor
A glazed, wrought iron door opens into a vast vestibule, paved with marble tiles. At the end, a sumptuous, main stairway, with finely wrought metal railings, and a toilet. On one side of the vestibule, a large study, one level of which is slightly raised via a few steps. Windows as well as a French window illuminate this room. A shower room and toilet adjoin the study, the floor of which is also paved with marble. On the other side, a dining room precedes a reception room, enhanced with a monumental fireplace. The floor is paved with sandstone. A mezzanine looks down into the room. Parallel to the dining and living rooms is an old kitchen, with its two back kitchens.
First floor
The main stairway goes up to a vast landing, its floor tiles inlaid with decoration. Said landing provides access to a total of six bedrooms: one with a shower room and toilet; bathroom and toilet facilities comprising four showers, three wash-hand basins and toilets. One of the other bedrooms has a shower area with a wash-hand basin. A little corridor leads to an impressive U-shaped mezzanine, in use as a library, looking down on to the reception room. Two bedrooms open on to one of the galleries following on from the mezzanine. A shower room, with a wash-hand basin and a toilet, is set between these two bedrooms.
Second floor
This level spans more living space than the floor below as it does not have a mezzanine. There are therefore ten bedrooms. One large bedroom has a shower room, with a wash-hand basin and a toilet. A corridor provides access on either side to seven bedrooms. Four of the bedrooms each have their own shower area, with a wash-hand basin. Two toilets, with wash-hand basins, two shower rooms, with a wash-hand basin and a toilet, as well as a shower room, with a wash-hand basin.

The annexe building adjoining the mill

Adjoining the mill, this building spans two levels and comprises a workshop and a boiler room on the ground floor. Attic space.

A little house (outbuilding of the mill)

This house spans two levels, excluding the cellar. The ground floor comprises a small, 27 m² living room; upstairs is a small, 13 m² mezzanine under the slopes of the roof.

The gatekeeper’s house

Spanning three levels excluding the cellar, this house is distanced from the other buildings courtesy of its past vocation. Detached with a small garden, it is also the most requested by guests.
The ground floor comprises a living room, spanning approx. 25 m², with a wood-burning stove and electric radiators, on a slightly lower level reached via a few steps, a small kitchen, followed by a bathroom, with a window and a toilet. (Kitchen and bathroom spanning approx. 10 m²). Access to the cellar.
The first floor includes two bedrooms, each spanning approx. 9 m².
The second floor is taken up by some 20 m² of attic space which could be converted.

The barn

This outbuilding, in a poor state of repair and awaiting renovation, is used as a barn and a woodstore. Spanning a ground surface area of approx. 180 m², it is included on the land registry. It would therefore possible to rebuild with one or even two upper levels (according to the owners).

Our opinion

The very distinct, individual character of each of the buildings is sufficiently rare as to be worthy of note. Their integration into the setting, determined by the presence of water, further appears extremely natural, creating perfect harmony amongst diversity. The autonomy and independence of the three groups of buildings offers great potential. And above all, the possibility of construction, a fairly exceptional feature as the land around mills is by nature liable to flooding.
Previous owners have taken best advantage of these premises where none of the buildings are liable to flooding (certified by building surveyors and the PPRI - Flooding Risk Prevention Plan).
All these reasons make this property outstanding, especially as it is so close to Paris. This is an occasion not to be missed.

1 990 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

See the fee rates

Reference 834690

Land registry surface area 5 ha 49 a 89 ca
Main building surface area 350 m2
Number of bedrooms +20
Outbuilding surface area 1275 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Seine & Marne

Corinne Angeli +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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