• A flat in the first phase of the Castelnau project
    in Montreal’s Villeray district
  • In southern Burgundy, a Tuscan-inspired recreational residence in grounds of 3 hectares
  • Au calme d'une impasse du 9e arrondissement,
    un appartement lumineux de 86 m² et ses deux chambres
  • An old, late 18th century convent
    in Vaucouleurs, in the Land of Joan-of-Arc
  • A 17th century manor house, with 3 other half-timbered buildings,
    a French-style vegetable garden and 64 ha of grasslands, in the Auge Country
  • A lovely, 18th century farm and its three houses,
    with a clear view over the countryside, 115 km from Paris
  • A 133 m², 2-storey flat, like a house, and its little terrace,
    in the centre of Puteaux, just a few minutes from La-Défense
  • A 17th century chateau and its parklands, with a river running through,
    in the Champagne region, 1½ hours from Paris via the A4 motorway
  • In Ivry-sur-Seine, a 2-storey, 196 m², open-plan flat in a pastoral setting,
    part of an old industrial complex transformed into an art centre
  • A renovated, 18th century, Salento style house,
    with a roof terrace, in the historic centre of Nardò
  • A bright, 73 m² flat and its 78 m², landscaped terrace,
    near the Les-Passages district and Escudier market in Boulogne-Billancourt
  • An 18th century chateau and its outbuildings, set between meadows, forest and lake
    in the centre of France, near to Tronçais Forest and Moulins
  • An authentic, 17th century manor house and its wooded parklands
    in the centre of the Kreiz-Breizh area, where all Brittany’s walking trails meet
  • Two hours from Paris, an elegant Renaissance manor house,
    overlooked by an imposing 18th century Royal Forge
  • An 870 m² residence, surrounded by pine trees and prickly pear cacti,
    in Lecce, in the region of Apulia, on the Salento peninsula

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