An old stronghold house, now a delightful home,
in a beautiful valley with the river Lot meandering through
Cajarc, LOT midi-pyrenees 46160 FR


Between Cahors and Figeac, on lands with the contrasting scenery of the Lot and Célé valleys, where sheer cliffs blend in with wooded hills and green plains crossed by a multitude of rivers and streams. This wonderful, unspoilt countryside is an integral part of the Quercy Causses Regional Nature Park, classified as a World Geopark by UNESCO. An exceptional location, it is one of the last “dark triangles” where it is possible to observe a night sky, free of all light pollution.
Some 20 minutes from André-Breton’s Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, said to be one of France’s most beautiful villages and a major tourist site in the Quercy region. Less than 10 minutes from the superb, medieval village of Calvignac, dominating a meander of the river Lot, and from the little town of Cajarc, with all its shops, schools and amenities.


These premises, in a little, verdant valley, protected by the gentle slopes of the surrounding wooded hills, are just a few hundred metres from the banks of the river Lot, where it is possible to take a dip as well as go boating or fishing. Neighbouring properties, including two farms, are far enough away as to be out of sight once inside the protective walls that partially enclose the house, whilst bordering the little access lane. The omnipresent silence is rarely disturbed and tranquillity reigns. The property has two main entrances, both of which lead to parking areas, the one on the south side being reserved for guests. A round dovecote, with a single-sloped roof, stands facing the north entrance from the other side of the lane, with the magnificent local cliffs in the background. It is on a little plot separate from the rest of the property which spans a total surface area of approx. 12,750 m². Two stone buildings topped with flat tiles, a stable with 2 loose boxes and an outbuilding converted into a boiler room and garage, face the west facade of the main house. The latter is further surrounded by an old pigsty, converted into a workshop with its little stone-paved courtyard, a large lean-to adjoining the perimeter wall, in use as a covered terrace and housing a bread oven, a stone house, following the contours of the perimeter wall and covered with a gable roof, topped with flat tiles, and lastly, a masonry swimming pool, lined with glass mosaic tiles and featuring a wide, stone-paved deck. This partially wooded property, pleasantly planted with shrubs and flowers, forms a discreet haven, making the most of its beautiful natural surroundings. At a short distance, a large vegetable garden, an orchard and a meadow complete this estate.

The house

The origins of this house, constructed with a fortified, defensive structure, date back to the 15th century. It was used as a hunting lodge, prior to being extended and turned into a farm with two houses in the 16th century. Further works were carried out to extend and complete the property during the 18th century. The house, as it is today, spans four levels, one of which is a converted attic floor. It is constructed from regional limestone, the facades previously protected with rendering, vestiges of which wearing the patina of time are to be seen here and there. Brick bears witness to later modifications. The building is covered with a gable roof, topped with flat tiles and featuring many roof dormers. The south-east corner is flanked by a semi-engaged, round tower, converted on the inside. On the east and west sides, two masonry stone terrace porches provide access to the main level given over to living rooms. A third, older, flight of stone steps on the north side goes directly to the kitchen.
The interior spans approx. 500 m² of living space. Fully restored, this house still exudes its all of its character and authenticity and yet has all modern-day home comforts. The restoration works enhance the quality of the materials used and the scrupulously preserved period features such as monumental fireplaces, sculleries with stone sinks, old doors, wall recesses as well as the exposed beams and roofing framework, etc. The house is superbly steeped in light throughout and the layout ensures independent areas.

Garden level
This floor can be reached not only via the main level but also via the outside (south and west facades). It includes a large bedroom (approx. 39 m²), with its private shower room and direct access to the swimming pool. A relaxation lounge, set aside for reading, watching a film or playing games, spans approx. 35 m². A short distance away is a cellar, laid out in the tower and, further to the north, a large laundry-linen room area, a boiler room as well as a toilet. Floors on this level are covered with terracotta or stoneware tiles. Most of the walls are lime-rendered.
First floor
The main entrance can be reached via the terrace porch on the east side. A gallery, paved with stone tiles, provides access to the various rooms on this level. A wooden, quarter-turning stairway at its northern end goes upstairs as well as down to the garden level. Architectural features bear witness throughout to the changes made to the building over the centuries: a stone sink near to the entrance door; a large arcade and a mullioned window set in the wall separating the dining room (approx. 37 m²) and the lounge (approx. 40 m²). Both the latter open on the south side on to a little wooden walkway, forming a balcony facing the swimming pool and leading to the terrace porch on the west side. The living rooms are embellished with honey-coloured, solid oak wood parquet flooring and the light hues of the exposed roofing framework as well as fireplaces. They are extended on the north side by a kitchen which can be reached via the gallery, the dining room or an outside porch. This spacious room (approx. 30 m²) is adorned with a stone fireplace, a scullery and stone floor tiles. A separate toilet, at the southern end of the gallery, completes this floor.
Second floor
Completely given over to bedrooms, this level is reached from the main level via the wooden, quarter-turning stairway. A long corridor leads from an anteroom to three bedrooms (approx. 20, 26.5 and 38 m²), one of which has a private bathroom, notably comprising a shower and a bath. These bright, comfortable rooms take great advantage of the surrounding views. Another bathroom, with a shower and a bath, as well as a separate toilet complete this floor, decorated in keeping with the spirit of the premises. The floors are laid with solid oak wood parquet flooring or terracotta tiles. The ceilings feature the matching light-coloured exposed roofing framework. The anteroom also gives access to the upper level via an oak wood, quarter-turning stairway, similar to that on the floor below. The roofing framework at the top is exposed whilst the north wall is decorated with the brick of the chimney flue and with holes that could be reminiscent of an old dovecote, once again bearing witness to the changes made to the building over the years.
Third floor
A large landing going around the stairway provides access to the two bedrooms on this floor (approx. 38 and 26 m²), together with their private bath and shower rooms. This level once housed the attic and, therefore, has sloping ceilings, embellished with the exposed roofing framework and contributing to the cosy atmosphere. Floors are covered with sea-rush matting.

The annexe house

This building, standing on the east side of the main house, was once a barn (approx. 83 m²). Completely rehabilitated, this annexe house follows the contours of the old perimeter wall. It is constructed from stone and covered with a gable roof, topped with flat tiles. Adjoining the north facade, a stone, ornamental pool, with a fountain, lets residents appreciate the sound of babbling water. The inside comprises two spacious and independent bedrooms (approx. 29 and 28 m²), both with their own private bath and shower rooms. The floors are paved with stone. The attic has been removed in order to increase volumes and to expose the elegant roofing framework supporting the gable roof. The lime-pointed stone of the walls has also been left exposed. This annexe is decorated throughout in a style similar to that of the main house.

Our opinion

Both the Lot and Célé valleys feature some of the south-west of France’s most highly appreciated landscapes in this part of the Quercy Causses Regional Nature Park. These unspoilt natural surroundings are sometimes wild and always entrancing. This property is but a stone’s throw from the river, in an amazingly beautiful setting that is calming and energising just like the house and its outbuildings. Visitors will appreciate the house not only for its unusual architecture which still proudly bears the traces of the changes made over the centuries, but also for the painstaking effort and meticulous care invested by its current owners to make it pleasant and comfortable, whilst preserving its character. These premises have everything to satisfy a family seeking to live together and take advantage of the local way of life as well as those wishing to run a hotel and catering activity. Guests that have stayed here up until now have been nothing but complimentary and we can understand why.

Exclusive sale

1 284 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 193446

Land registry surface area 12755 m2
Main building surface area 511 m2
Number of bedrooms 6
Outbuilding surface area 173 m2

French Energy Performance Diagnosis

Dordogne, Lot et Corrèze

Ilan Libert +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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