In the 20th arrondissement near the Pelleport metro station,
a commercial corner property of 122 m², with more than 30 linear metres of shop windows
Paris, PARIS paris 75020 FR


At the foot of the Ménilmontant butte, which used to be a part of the village of Charonne, the Saint-Fargeau neighbourhood owes its name to Louis-Michel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau, a landowner and fervent defender of the French Revolution, assassinated in 1793 for having voted for the death of King Louis XVI. Once a land of vineyards, fruit trees and asparagus, the sector became more industrial after its annexation to Paris in 1860. It was also the site for sand and clay quarries, used in the confection of bricks and tiles, before World War I.
Today, Saint-Fargeau is a dynamic neighbourhood, which has been gentrifying since the beginning of the 2000s, as demonstrated by the Monoprix located next to the Pelleport metro station. However, it has not lost its original spirit: where working-class cafés, food businesses, bookshops and shoemakers rub shoulders with hip bistros, designer boutiques and urban artworks, while artisanal beers are made at the microbrewery La Baleine. The artistic life here is intense, with the presence of numerous studios, performance halls – like the national theatre of the Colline or the Cirque éléctrique – the Ferber recording studios or the ghost “Cinema” metro station, a hotspot for film shoots. Lastly, the neighbourhood is capitalising from the Olympic Games with the renovation of the Georges Vallerey swimming pool.
The premises also take advantage of the dynamism of the shops located around the Pelleport metro station, as well as the charm of the small streets that lead to the Countryside of Paris, where several historical houses, once "low cost", today form a secret heritage. The sector is rich in transportation, with the Gambetta and Porte de Bagnolet metro stations serviced by the line 3 and the Pelleport metro station with the line 3bis, as well as the bus lines #20, 60, 61, 64, 96 and 102, in addition to the T3B tramway.


A former restaurant – without an extraction system – renovated and reconverted into offices in 2015, the premises, with nearly 125 m² of floor surface -- 121.71 m² of usable surface area, lined by three shop windows, which total more than 30 linear metres, is visually imposing on the corner of the rue Le Bua, rue Capitaine-Marchal and rue Bretonneau.
Occupying the ground floor of a building from the mid-1960s, it has two independent entrances, and is made up of two lots, which can be divided if needed. With a floor-to-ceiling height of 3 metres, it presents a vast dual-aspect, open volume of nearly 68 m², as well as two enclosed offices, which measure approximately 10 m² and 17 m², respectively.
Located within the main entrance, a kitchen provides employees with a convivial space to take a break, eat lunch or receive their clients, and is separated from the office space with a sliding glass door. Bathrooms are located towards the back of the premises, equipped with storage, a sink and two separate lavatories. The floors are in hardwood laminate and metal roller shades protect all the shop windows.

Our opinion

These premises are strategically located on the corner of the rue Le Bua, rue Capitaine-Marchal and rue Bretonneau, which come together to form a square, providing great visibility for the property. Its location, expanse of shop windows, absence of load-bearing interior walls – with the exception of some pillars – makes it possible to imagine, with a few adjustments, many possibilities: a boutique, bookshop, food business, or even conserving the premises’ current usage.

Exclusive sale

1 095 000 €
Fees at the Vendor’s expense

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Reference 850010

Total floor area 124.26 m2
Number of rooms 6
Ceiling height 2.98
Number of bedrooms 2

Number of lots 70
Annual average amount of the proportionate share of expenses 7400 €

French Energy Performance Diagnosis


Vanina Pialot +33 1 42 84 80 85



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NB: The above information is not only the result of our visit to the property; it is also based on information provided by the current owner. It is by no means comprehensive or strictly accurate especially where surface areas and construction dates are concerned. We cannot, therefore, be held liable for any misrepresentation.

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