• machicolation
    A gallery projecting on brackets and built on the outside of castle towers and walls,with openings in the floor through which to drop molten lead, boiling oil, and missiles.
  • Manor house
    Home of the owner of a fief without license to build a castle with towers and keep.
  • merlon
    Part of a battlement, the square "sawtooth" between crenels.
  • Meurtriere
    Arrow loop, slit in battlement or wall to permit firing of arrows or for observation.
  • Moats
    Ditch sometimes filled with water surrounding the castle.
  • Modillion
    Small bracket, sometimes scrolled, sometimes clock-like, set at regular intervals in the soffit of a cornice.
  • Moineau, Moyeneau
    Small external bastions situated in the moat and joined to the scarp.
  • Monks’ dormitory
    Large room where the monks slept.
  • Motte
    An earthwork mound on which a castle was built .
  • Mural
    Painting on the internal walls of a building.

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