• Lancet window
    High, narrow opening with a triangular arch.
  • Lantern turret
    Occurs in pairs flanking the facades of Romanesque churches. Could be lit at night to guide pilgrims.
  • Large bond
    Bond dedicated to large stones laid in courses of equal heights
  • Lauze stone
    Flat shale or limestone used as flagstones or roof tiles .
  • Lay dormitory
    Large room upstairs in the lay building in an abbey, often with two naves divided by a row of pillars.
  • Layout
    The arrangement of a building on the ground
  • Lesenes
    Slightly projecting, flat pilaster on the outside of a building.
  • lintel
    A flat horizontal beam which spans the space between two supports.
  • Listel
    Flat, slightly projecting moulding.
  • Lists
    Initially a wooden palisade which encircled squares or fortified castles. Then, land between the inner and outer enclosures. Said area was the stage for jousts and tournaments.
  • Lobe
    Segment of a circle cut into an arch.
  • Lookout turret ( echauguette)
    "turrets"arose in the medieval period in castles and churches, usually for stairs or as watch towers, in which case they could also be called "échaugettes".

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