• Re-use
    Use of construction components taken from an older building.
  • Recumbent figure
    Reclining statue representing the deceased, decorating a tomb.
  • Redoubt
    Small self-contained fieldwork, a refuge for soldiers outside the main defenses.
  • Refectory
    Communal dining hall; A dining room in a monastery.
  • Refectory
    The dining hall of a monastery.
  • Relieving arch
    A supportive arch constructed within a wall to absorb weight upon a passageway or portal below.
  • Renaissance-style
    Style of the era following that of the gothic period (16th century).
  • Rib vault
    A framework of diagonal arched ribs carrying the cells which cover in the spaces between them.
  • Ring
    Row of quoins forming an arch.
  • Roman
    First applied by critics in the early nineteenth century to describe the architecture of the later eleventh and the twelfth centuries, because certain architectural elements, principally the round arch, resembled those of ancient Roman architecture.
  • Rotunda
    A building or room of circular plan, usually domed.
  • Rough-hewn
    Formed roughly by trimming with straight cuts to give the required shape .

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