• ceiling
    Horizontal arch, often made of wooden planking
  • Chancel arch
    Arch at the entrance to the chancel.
  • Chapter room
    A meeting place for the chapter or governing body of a monastery or a cathedral
  • Chess-board
    Geometric embellishment made up of squares which are alternately protruding and hollow.
  • Choir stalls
    Canopied and carved seats for the choir and officiating clergy in a church.
  • Clerestory lights
  • column, pillar
    Usually a weight-carrying member, such as a pier or a column.
  • Column-shaped statue
    Tall column sculpted in the form of a character.
  • Compound pillar
    A pillar that is either made up of a solid core surrounded by a cluster of shafts, or is simply a cluster of shafts
  • Concave moulding
    Semi-circular hollow moulding.
  • Console
    A corbel (or console) is a piece of stone jutting out of a wall to carry any superincumbent weight. A piece of timber projecting in the same way was called a "tassel" or a "bragger".
  • Corbel
    A stone Abutment projecting from a wall supporting vaults, arches & roofs.
  • Cornice
    A continuous horizontal projecting course or moulding at the top of a wall.
  • Course
    Horizontal row of stones.
  • Crocket
    Small decorative leafy sculpture mainly used on the outer curve of arches in the 13th and 14th centuries.
  • Cross springer
    Transverse brick or stone arch lining the vault in order to support it and separating two sections of the vault.
  • Cruciform
    Cross shaped.
  • Crypt
    A vaulted underground room usually at the east end of the church, beneath the chancel.
  • Cupola
    A dome-shaped or quadrilateral-shaped ornamental structure located on top of a larger roof or dome.
  • Curtain wall
    A straight wall linking two towers.
  • Cusped arch
    Arch composed of several arcs or parts of a circle.

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