• Sacristy
    The room or closet in which communion equipment, linen, and supplies are kept.
  • Saddle-roof
    Small gable roof placed in back of a chimney on a sloping roof to shed water and debris; also called a cricket.
  • Sanctuary
    The immediate area around the principal altar.
  • Scarp
    An artificial cutting away of the ground to form a steeper slope.
  • Scotia, trochylus
    A concave molding that curves to a half-round creating a semi-circle or half an ellipse.
  • Scriptorium
    Area in a monastery where books and documents were written, copied, and illuminated.
  • Sculpture-in-the-round
    Free-standing sculpture that can be viewed from all sides.
  • semi-circular
    Comprised of a semi-circle
  • Shaft
    The structural member which serves as the main support of a column or pier. The shaft is between the capital and the base.
  • Side-aisle
    A long, narrow space that is located at the side of, and parallel to, the nave of a church. An arcade of columns or piers usually separates an aisle from the nave. It is sometimes referred to as a side aisle.
  • Sloping
    Part of a building or a decoration on a slant.
  • Small bond
    Bond with broken ashlar of less than 20 cm, assembled in no particular order
  • Small column
    Small column with an elongated shaft.
  • Spandrel
    The roughly triangular wall space between two adjacent arches.
  • Spire
    Polygonal or conical attic space of a tower or bell tower.
  • Splay
    Diagonally cut–away surround of a window or doorway, in which the opening widens towards the face of the wall, thereby admitting more light and increasing the angle of view for observation or shooting through.
  • Springer
    The lowest voussoir on each side of an arch.
  • Squinch
    Small arch in the corner of a building that converts a square space to an octagonal area which may then be covered with a dome.
  • Squinch
    Small arch in the corner of a building that converts a square space to an octagonal area which may then be covered with a dome.
  • Stained glass
    The art of cutting colored glass into different shapes and fitting them into channeled lead strips, which are also called came.
  • Stone facing
    Visible side of a wall built of freestone.
  • Straight pointed arch
    Arch composed of two straight segments cut at an acute angle (triangular).
  • Strap hinge
    Metal band, often decorative, attached flat against a door, enabling said door to be supported on its hinge
  • Stuc, Stucco
    A mixture of cement, sand, lime and water spread over metal screening or chicken wire or wooden lath on wooden walls to form the exterior covering of and exterior wall.
  • Stylobate
    A course of masonry forming the foundation for a row columns, esp. the outermost colonnade of a classical temple.

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